• How do I start planning for an office refurbishment or fitout?

The first step is to create a summary of all your companies needs. Then make a wish list of all the things you’d love to have in your space but aren’t necessarily essential. Once you have those lists together, then contact us and arrange a phone or site meeting to discuss your options, budget and a plan moving forward.


  • How long does it normally take?

It really depends on how much detail there is in the design & quotation. The time required to construct your new offices will also depend on the size and scope of work. Some furniture items or joinery may have longer lead times as these types of materials for your fitout will need to be custom ordered and the delivery times for these items may vary. However, the construction timeframe, including any waiting times for delivery of materials and furniture, will be stated in our fitout proposal and we always do everything possible to keep on your schedule.


  • How much will the fitout cost?

The cost of your office fitout will depend on the size and scope of work involved. For a small office allow $300 to $400 per square metre. For a Mid range level office $700 to $1,000 per square metre. For a High Quality fitout $1,500 + per square metre.

We offer a range or Mid Level and High Quality fitouts and once you agree upon our costing proposal, we guarantee no variations (unless you’d like to make some more changes to the original building scope of work and approved plans).


  • Why is a site visit required in order to provide us with a quote?

For the purpose of providing the most accurate quote possible, we like to conduct a site visit with you and inspect your space in person. These site visits allow us to do a full measure and check of the whole area. We also check the access in and out of the site and we identify any services that may need attention, such as electrical, plumbing, fire or mechanical services. Allow about 45mins to 1 hour for this inspection.


  • Can you help us with Space Planning?

Yes absolutely! This is a significant part of the process. Working out all the things you need in your space or, soon to be refurbished space, then we will be able to assist you with space planning by working out the most efficient and effective way you can use the space.


  • How long does the design stage take?

The design stage, on a small project can be completed in 1 or 2 weeks, for a larger project it could take around 3 to 4 weeks. It depends on how much detail is required in your fitout or refurbishment and also if you have any design changes or updates you need done during this stage. We can prepare a draft design for you to review within a week.


  • Can you help us with all aspects of our fit-out?

Yes. We offer a full turn-key service for all aspects of your fitout, including concept and design coordination with our designers, project management, council approvals and certifications (Complying Development Certificates), service contractors, coordination of trades, supply of furniture, AV equipment, accessories, and even relocation services.


  • Do we need to vacate our current workspace while our fitout or refurbishment is in progress in our office?

No not necessarily. We can carry out the full fitout or refurbishment while you continue to operate your business as usual. We make sure all areas of your workspace are made safe, allowing your company staff to continue in their duties. To maintain a functional working environment, we carry out all noisy works after hours. Therefore you’ll only have a few minor interruptions.


  • What other services do you provide as part of your service?

Project Management is a common service we get asked to help our clients with. We also provide Fitout Budgets and Cost Planning, Design Coordination, Contractor Management, Space Planning, Project Programming, Head Contractor Management.