Advantages of an Open Plan Offices

Open plan offices have become one of the most popular choices for companies when planning a new office fitout or refurbishment.

These are our Top 4 Key Benefits of an open plan office:

       1. Maximise the use of your office space

The fact that an open plan allows you to fit more people in your workspace has a significant impact on your company’s leasing budget. This enables companies to save money on leasing costs and all the other related expenses.

Having an open plan also helps you to fit more desks and workstations than usual, so you could end up adding a few more hot desks or meeting rooms around the office and create more specially designed spaces for your employees to work.

       2. Enables Team Collaboration

Another benefit of the open plan office is the ability for your team to be able to collaborate on projects together by having the flexibility to come and go as small teams use open areas or their workstations to catch up and collaborate together. If you’ve got rows of workstations you can have your team catch up quickly and easily to collaborate on a project together. It’s also beneficial if you want to just have a quick informal meeting around one or two people’s desks. Very easy to do that as opposed to dragging everybody into a meeting room on the other side of the office.

        3. Improves employees wellbeing

Studies have shown than people working in open plan offices are more physically active than those who work in cubicles or closed offices. This office structure helps people to interact and collaborate with each other members. Whereas cubicles do allow people to hide in their closed office and can cause them to sit down for most of the day without any interaction or physical activity.

         4. Reduces the fitout and construction costs

Because you don’t need to build in as many walls, doors, office cubicles, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, etc. you can save a lot of money on the cost of the fitout.   This allows companies to invest their money into other important areas of the business.

The Flip Side
On the flip side, there are those of us who are not huge fans of the open-plan office because of how hard it is to concentrate with all the distractions while sharing a working space with so many different people.

It’s also easy for some people to get interrupted by the noise of people talking on the phone or the constant impromptu visits by other team members who feel like they can pop over for a chat whenever it suits them. This is another reason why it’s so important to have some quiet spaces available in your open plan office.

We have a number of solutions for our clients to help them cut costs by implementing an open plan office (with a few quiet spaces of course) but also have space for those who need more privacy in the work environment.

You’ll never be able to please everyone, so our advice is to have a quiet space, phone booths or small meeting rooms for your team to use when they need to make a call or work in a quiet environment so they can get their job done!


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