We would love to share with you our top seven tips for planning out your space before you do a fitout or refurbishment.

           1. Plan in advance

When we help clients plan out their next office fit out, the first thing we do is start planning as early as we possible. It’s never to early to get a clear understanding of what your business needs and wants. So start planning early!

           2. Measure up your space

Do a detailed measure up of your potential new space and make sure it fits everything you need it to fit. Work out the size of the space available and try and get a copy of the existing floor plan. This is always beneficial and saves you loads of time. A print out of this will then allow you to do a basic mark up of the space.

           3. List all your requirements for the new workspace

Make a list of all the things that your office needs and the ‘’must-haves’’ for your business. We usually suggest that our clients also have a second list that we would call the ‘’dream list’’ of things that you would love to have included in your new office space.
This is a list of things that, if you can afford it or if you can squeeze it into the budget the your going to get it.

           4. Think about the future

Think about the future of your company and the kind of workspace you will need in the future. Will it be growing or scaling up? Will you be employing more staff? Will you be using more contractors or freelancers in the future? This will help you work out if you will need to make more space for Hot Desks etc to accommodate for more people.

          5. Ask yourself this question: Should we choose an open plan style office or do we need cubicles?

The modern day office usually has a large area dedicated to open plan. However if you need to have more privacy you’ll need to allow for more office cubicles, meeting rooms, boardrooms or quiet spaces. More offices spaces allow your team to work in peace and quiet.

          6. Get ideas from your Team

Catch up with the key team members in your business and find out what they value and what ideas they to make your companies new workspace a great place to work. They will have some good ideas to make it an inspiring place to come and work each day. Find out what makes it fun, exciting and motivating for them. And then, you will be ready to do the desing for your office fit out or refurbishment.

          7. Space planning.

You might like to have part of the office as open plan and another section of the office for meeting rooms. It is important to work out how you would like to use the space and plan accordingly. As an example, you probably find that you might want to add a few more meeting rooms over in one area of the office, add a breakout space or even extend the kitchen and make it a collaboration area for staff to have a coffee together in the morning or have lunch together.

This are our top seven tips. Contact us for more information.